Mar 18 • 1HR 3M

Autology Vol. Two

Mixed & Arranged by Elmattic

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Hādin (HA)
Where Art Collides - Music, Art, Tech and Behavioral Marketing
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I already said all I had to say about Autolect and then some last time. Controlled by dendera light.

Props to Jazzpants, Tony Grands, Beatbox Radio Show, Under Emergent, and Haas Muhzak for upping Volume One. Big old 1989 style gasface to all that didn't.

This is the (mostly) instrumental volume, giving you the full taste of Auto's power behind the boards. It will seep into your bones. Dusty bootsteps on cracked pavements. ~Elmattic


Prize (vs. Derek Walcott) / Non Other (vocal) / Psycosis / The Differance / Others / Circumvent / Live / Supernova Combust / Shukem (elmattic loopstrumental) / Therapy (vs. Saul Williams) / Burnout (vs. Amiri Baraka) / Bb77 / Huh / Weekends / Collectors Choice / At One (vs. Ben Okri) / Evolve Or Die (vs. Langston Hughes)